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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tony Blankley, Prophet?

In Tony Blankley's recent book, "The West's Last Chance," (written before the London bombings) he describes a nightmare scenario in which Muslim extremists demand the removal of offensive types of art, which results in violence and then a clash of civilizations. Apparently some people are using this book as a textbook:

London museum pulls religious art
By Al Webb
September 29, 2005

LONDON -- The Tate Britain museum has made an unprecedented decision to pull a work of religious art from an exhibition over fears that it might offend Muslims.
Artist John Latham's 'God is Great' features copies of the Koran, Bible and Judaic Talmud that have been cut apart and embedded in thick glass.
'We believe the particular circumstances we find ourselves in post-7 July make it difficult for this work to be viewed as the artist had intended -- as a commentary on the evolution of religious thought from an original state of nothingness -- but instead as an overtly political act,' a Tate spokeswoman told The Washington Times. "
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