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Thursday, October 27, 2005

BBC News Video: July 7 Bomber met Mohammed Baber of Queens NY

Bill Warner

BBC News Video -- Mohammed Junaid Babar of Queens NY met Mohammed Sidique Khan in Leeds UK and in Pakistan during 2003 and 2004!

Mohammed Sidique Khan met with Al-Qaeda operatives as far back as 2000, so did Mohammed Junaid Babar it appears.

Mohammed Junaid Babar is refered to as "Shafique" in the BBC News video, but it is Babar we went to his parents home in Queens. Mohammed Junaid Babar was a recruiter for Al-Muhajiroun in Queens NY.

Al-Muhajiroun had a meeting in Queens NY at the Islamic Center of Queens (shown in the video) on June 3rd to 4th 2000, Mohammed Junaid Babar attended along with high ranking members of Al-Muhajiroun UK.
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