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Friday, December 30, 2005

" Syria and China Sign a Cooperation Agreement" : Report

Syrian media sources have released a statement on a new cooperation agreement between Syria and China.

The article is quoted as saying:

Education Ministry signed with Popular Republic of China Thursday the executive program of joint agreements between the two countries in fields of Education, Higher Education, Culture and Media for years "2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008".
"This program shows the deep-rooted cultural relations connecting our countries ," Chinese ambassadress in Syria Zhou Xiuhua, who signed the program for the Chinese side, said.
She pointed out that the agreement expresses the deep cultural relations which are developing so fast between Syria and China, saying "these relations are considered the strong bridges to enhance friendship between Syrian and Chinese peoples.
Deputy Education Minister Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed who signed the program for the Syrian side noted that "the agreement which includes 71 subjects is dealing with cooperation in different domains".
"It is a big important step in developing bilateral ties with Friendly China," Moahmmed added.
on the other hand, Minister of Education Ali Saed discussed with Chinese ambassadress to Damascus Zhou Xiuhua ways of developing and enhancing educational relations by exchanging experts, specialists and educational plans and researches.
Mr. Saed expressed the Ministry's desire to be acquainted with the Chinese experience in establishing typical sport and music schools, "the ministry is studying the possibility of establishing such schools in Syria" he told SANA reporter.
For her part the Chinese ambassadress stressed the necessity of developing the friendly ties and deepening the joint cooperation between Syria and China in all domains including the educational one.


Most analysts are skeptical of this agreement and point to China's new energy and military exports push within the Middle east and would use this as a cover for its diplomatic affairs in the region.
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