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Monday, January 30, 2006

Denmark right in taking stand on free speech

An escalation in tensions over a Danish newspapers printed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed which depicted him with a bomb for a turbin is gaining speed. However, where are the critic's over Arab countries anti-semitic, anti-west cartoons?

Image's of Jew's depicted as satanic cults is nothing new in the Arab media. Repeated over the years, anti-semitic cartoons have been printed and re-printed and yet barely a whisper is raised over their content. Now comes Denmark's conflict with Arab's states displeasure over the content and protectings Danish free speech laws which has been seen as instrumental in keeping the country's model social model afloat.

Further outcry over the cartoons in Denmark is likely. With Libya's embassy closing and others surely following, the next step would be economic sanctions that could prove damaging to the EU economy. However, Denmark must not relent and give into pressure over hypocritical attitudes which would be seen as rewarding muslim nations for their lack of action in their own state media outlets over content that has been consistenly anti-west.

Here are a few examples of cartoons in Arab media that depict Jews and the West in a bad light:

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