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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Iran improves surface-to-air missiles with Chinese technology

Iran’s new line of surface to air-defense system(MANPADS) closely resembles China’s QW-1 Vanguard. Almost identical to its Chinese counterpart, the shoulder-launched Mithaq-2 is an improved model including countermeasure resistance.

According to Iranian Minister of Defence General Mostafa Mohammed-Najjar, it is "capable of tracking and destroying aerial targets that fly at low altitudes and in the blind spot of radar systems" … "This missile gives our forces, army and Revolutionary Guards a drastic advantage, agility and flexibility in defending our air defences," he added on Iran’s national news agency IRNA.

As Iran speculates on any future US-led attack on its own soil, it is in Iran’s interest to upgrade its armed forces. Iran’s priority has been to upgrade its existing SAMs on its own soil with successful tests on their versions of the Russian S-75 Dvina/Volkhov SAM, the Sayyed-1 missiles.

(Sources: Jane's Information Group, IRNA)
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