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Friday, June 23, 2006

Armenian intelligence office head becomes victim of conflict with Defense Minister Serj Sarkisyan

APA: Armenian Armed Forces intelligence office head, Major-General Basenchi Azoyan became victim of conflict with the Defense Minister Serj Sarkisyan.

This is stated on a forum section in an Armenian internet site. The author of the story writes that there are mysterious nuances in the death of Azoyan, who died suddenly at the age of 59. Stating that Major-General Azoyan served in the Armenia’s Defense Ministry for a long time, the author said Azoyan pointed out shortfalls in Armenia, especially in the Defense Ministry.

“Azoyan got furious by the immoral way of live of the Defense Minister Serj Sarkisyan, who has opportunities to significantly influence in adoption of political decisions in the country and his embezzling great deal of money allocated to the Army. Knowing that Serkisyan ordered to tap the conversations of Armenian military men attending international organizations, Azoyan said Russia ordered the Defense Minister to do it. Azoyan used to tell his close surrounding that Serkisyan, who informed Azerbaijanis of the plans of his companion-in-arms in the Shusha prison once and was released by Russians’ interference failing to protect his dignity, would not be an honorable man, and he had no moral right to rule the state,” the author writes.

Armenian officer in his heartfelt words in the forum says that Basenchu Azoyan wanted President Robert Khochariyan to receive him regarding the miserable situation in the Defense Ministry. He appealed to former parliament speaker, leader of the Orinats Erkir Party Arthur Bagdasaryan for conveying his request to the President.

“Bagdasaryan did not implement his request. Serj Sarkisyan threatened Azoyan obviously. He even told him to leave the post if he wanted his family to be safe and sound. After that Basenchi Azoyan died mysteriously,” the author concluded./APA/
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