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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Three beheaded on terror video

(CNN) -- A video on an Islamist Web site shows terrorists beheading three people who appear to be Iraqi army soldiers after making them confess that they were part of a "death squad" that killed Sunnis.

"Whoever insists on fighting Islam and Muslims and joins the apostasy army, we say to him: 'You will not go any further without us targeting you, God willing,'" read a statement on the site from a group calling itself Ansar al-Sunna.

"And you will not drive a car without us following you. And you will remain to live in terror until we terminate you so your end becomes in hell, and what a humiliating ending it is."

Ansar Al-Sunna is thought to be loosely aligned with al Qaeda in Iraq, the group whose leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was killed in a U.S. airstrike Wednesday near Baquba.

Neither the statement nor the video mention al-Zarqawi's death.

CNN cannot confirm the authenticity of the statement and video, but the Islamist Web site has previously carried such messages from terror groups.

"Your hero brothers were able to conduct a quick surprise attack on a place belonging to rejectionists south of the capital Baghdad," the statement said, referring to Shiites. "Despite the dangers surrounding the mission, the heroes captured 10 apostates with various affiliations; three of them worked for the Interior Ministry forces.

"They are with a death squad group, whose mission is to capture Sunnis in quick operations on the main streets of Baghdad and its surroundings."

The group says the death squad tortured Sunnis until they died, then threw their bodies into dumpsters.

An Ansar al-Sunna judge sentenced the three to death "so justice is served and also as revenge for our sisters... and brothers who were killed and are killed every day at the hands of those apostates."

The video shows the three in military fatigues sitting in front of what appears to be a concrete wall, blindfolded at one point, with a hooded man pointing a gun at them. The three identify themselves and confess to being part of the "death squad" before they are decapitated.
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