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Monday, July 31, 2006

CIA planned to Abduct a Dozen, SISMI Gen. says

ISRIA: Gen. Gustavo Pignero, a senior official of the italian intelligence service SISMI told prosecutors in June in Milan that the CIA targeted for abduction a dozen muslims living in Italy. Prosecutors are investigating the alleged abduction of an Egyptian-born imam, Osama Mustafa Hassan Nasr (alias Abu Omar) by the CIA.

Muslims targeted were suspected of having ties with Al Qaeda and international terrorism. The famous CIA's Special Operation Group (SOG) would have been in charge of such operations throughout the world. Other similar abductions have been spotted in other places in Europe. However there has been no evidence of CIA abductions on the European soil with the direct involvement of local intelligence like SISMI. However two senior SISMI officials are being prosecuted for having helped the CIA; abductions being illegal. But the true question remains: are abductions really needed within the framework of the GWOT? "Sure it is" a former intelligence officer told ISRIA. "Clandestine operations are at the core of the whole GWOT" he added.
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