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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hezbollah to be short of Money, 'Al Manar' calling for Donations

ISRIA: It reminds the situation of ETA several months ago. Within the framework of the current israeli offensive in South Lebanon, analysts noticed the Hezbollah would be running out of money as it would already have used a large part of its rockets against Israel. The israeli intelligence would have conducted specific operations to disrupt Hezbollah's financings by destroying banks and freezing Lebanon-based accounts if could find. Israeli clandestine operations would target directors of specific banks who would support the financings of Hezbollah by giving them all the banking possibilities the group needs. Israel is targeting a dozen of banks and financial institutions.

As most Banks of Lebanon say they have no ties with Hezbollah, Israel continues its anti-funding operation. It would even have issued a list of targets. Such a list would include following banks or financial institutions: Beit al Mal, Fransabank, Al Baraka, MidEast and Africa Bank (MEAB). Funds given by donators and supporters to the Hezbollah would transit via the French-Lebanese Bank which allegedly has links with two prominent US banks - Citibank and the Bank of New York according to NBC. In the US, Wachovia ended its relationship with the Middle East and Africa Bank when it knows that a fundraising for Hezbollah had been raised. The Hezbollah's TV 'Al Manar' aired commercials calling for donations and gave phone numbers to call.
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