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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Jihad then more Jihad: Bin Laden's Iraq and Somalia orders

By Walid Phares

In an audiotape aired on al Qaida's "Media production site," As Sahab, Al Qaida's leader Usama Bin Laden issued his expected "guidelines and instructions" to the Jihadists in the region and around the world regarding Iraq and Somalia as well as other issues dealing with the principle of Jihadism. "Expected," because, as I announced earlier Bin Laden is the higher authority in the world war against Democracies, infidels and apostate Muslims, as he defines them. Hence, when major developments take place on the "battlefields" the top leader has to provide with the "policies and strategies to adopt." (listen audio http://www.aljazeera.net/News/KEngine/Imgs/audio.jpg)

As usual, Bin Laden starts with a call to the Islamic Umma, asserting his leadership, and by reciting a number of Koranic verses. That alone, as I argued provides him with a religious shield to develop his political position in defense of his terror plans. The references to the verses, as long as unchecked and strongly responded to by religious clerics around the world, allows him to place himself in a strong position. In addition, in this latest audio, the no 1 of Terror told his followers that "by defeating your enemy you would profiting from the wortld treasures," a hint at the vast oil revenues Bin Laden is eying for the future.

al Qaida in Iraq propraganga imagery. Click to view.


In a long diatribe on Iraqi issues, Bin Laden refused the naming of "free fighters" as "Terrorists." He accused the leaders of Shiites of masterminding a "genocide against the unarmed," whom he meant by Sunnis.

اتهم زعيم تنظيم القاعدة أسامة بن لادن الشيعة بشن حملة إبادة على "العزل" في العراق. وقال في تسجيل صوتي نشر على الإنترنت إن "أهل الإسلام العزل في العراق يتعرضون لحملة إبادة على أيدي عصابات الحقد والغدر". وأشار إلى أن هيئة علماء المسلمين في العراق حذرت من حملة الإبادة تلك، ووجه تحذيرا للشيعة ومعهم أميركا وحلفائها بأن مناطقهم لن تكون آمنة من "الرد والأذى" إذا استمرت أعمال التصفية في مدن السنة بالرمادي والفلوجة والموصل.

He said the "free fighters and the Mujahidin" responded to what he called a campaign coming from the south (Shiites) in the direction of Baakuba, Mosul, and other (Sunni) areas. He said those "unarmed among Muslims are being submitted to a genocide at the hands of gangs of hatred." He cited two Sunni clerics from the Association of Muslim Ulemas, Sheikh Bashar al Faidi and Abdel Salam al Qubseisi, who warned about these massacres. Such a direct citing raises questions about the motives, especially that many Iraqis would then link the clerical association with al Qaida for that matter. Bin Laden said more than 40,000 (Sunnis) were killed at the hands of Shiites.

Bin Laden than blamed the Iraqi Governments under Allawi, Jaafari and Maliki for the killings calling them "apostates," Murtaddin.

وانتقد زعيم تنظيم القاعدة بشدة الحكومات العراقية المتعاقبة منذ الغزو الذي قادته الولايات المتحدة في مارس/آذار 2003، وقال إن أول خطوة مطلوبة لإعادة الاستقرار إلى العراق هي "إخراج الجيوش الصليبية بالقتال، ومعاقبة قادة الأحزاب المشاركة في العملية السياسية"، وعدم الانجرار وراء ما سماها المخادعة السياسية.وذكر بالأخص أحزاب إبراهيم الجعفري وإياد علاوي وعبد العزيز الحكيم وطارق الهاشمي "الذين كذبوا على الناس عندما قالوا إن إخراج المحتلين عبر المشاركة بالعملية السياسية". كما وصف حكومة نوري المالكي بـ"الخائنة المرتدة" وأنها تكرار للحكومات السابقة.

Expanding on the betrayal of Iraqi leaders and politicians, he called for the punishment of the three Prime Ministers and their followers. "There is no truce to the Crusaders, Infidels and apostates," he said. Only Jihad and Jihad. Then he blasted the Sunnis who participated in the "political process" i.e. the last few elections. Calling them Ahmaq, or "idiots" for trusting the Government.

He then declares that "upon the decision and request by the Mujahidin in Iraq, he blesses the appointment of Abu Hamza al Muhajir as a successor to Abu Mus'aab al Zarqawi.

وأقر بن لادن في تسجيله تعيين أبو حمزة المهاجر خلفا لأبو أبو مصعب الزرقاوي -الذي قتل في غارة

Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys, leader of Somalia's Conservative Council of Islamic Courts


Addressing "our people in Somalia" he explained that the country has opted for Islam before former President Siyad Barri would attempt to move it to Communism. But Bin Laden saw a success in bringing the country back to Islam, as he says, at the hands of the Islamic Tribunals. As we projected in previous analysis, and despite the rejection by other analysts and commentators including on al Jazeera and some Western networks, here is Bin Laden himself who declares the "Mahakem" as groups seeking the establishment of an Islamic State." (See the complete text or listen to the complete audio)

وفي موضوع آخر دعا بن لادن الصوماليين إلى الالتزام بالإسلام ودعم حكم تحالف المحاكم الإسلامية التي قال إنها تسعى لتحكيم الإسلام

He then harshly attacked Somali President General Abdullah Yussuf and called for punishing him and those legislators who called for an international "infidel" intervention in Somalia.

وحمل بشدة على الرئيس الصومالي عبد الله يوسف ووصفه بالعميل والخائن ووصف حكومته بالعصابة، مستدلا على ذلك بقرار استدعاء القوات الأجنبية إلى البلاد، كما حذر النواب المعارضين لمثل هذه الخطوة في البرلمان وطالبهم بالتبرؤ من "العصابة الخائنة".

"Even if Muslim soldiers are called to deploy, this is a crusader infidel invasion." He accused Muslim leaders of being kuffars (infidels) too asking his followers to deal with Yussuf and all the infidels "with the sword only."

وكفّر أي شخص يمد يد المساعدة للرئيس عبد الله يوسف والقوات الغازية قائلا إنه "كافر كفرا أكبر مخرجا من الملة". وفي هذا السياق اتهم الرئيس اليمني علي عبد الله صالح بأنه "عميل أميركي" وحذر الصوماليين من قبول وساطته.

Bin Laden warned the US and their allies of violent responses in Somalia if they decide to deploy in the near future and threatened to respond on their own lands (America) at the timing and location of the Jihadists choice.

وحذر الولايات المتحدة والمجتمع الدولي من إرسال قوات إلى الصومال
وتوعد بن لادن بنقل المعركة إلى أرض أميركا، وقال إن تنظيم القاعدة يحتفظ بحق قتال الجنود الأميركيين
على أرض الصومال ومعاقبتهم في أي مكان في العالم

He then reiterated his call for Jihad to resume with all strength in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, and in all battlefields.

Final note

In short, Bin Laden's latest tape comes to certify what has already been known and agreed on among Jihadi Salafists worldwide regarding the "battlefields" of Iraq and Somalia. In Iraq, Bin Laden is telling the Shiite politicians not to engage in military action against the Sunni areas in general and the Salafists in particular. Clearly an offer of zones of influence: "don't come to our areas, we won't attack you." He seems to state that he wants to attack the US and coalition forces only, but Shiia must stay on the side. A position in line with Zarqawi's "war on the Shiites" on te one hand and with Zawahiri's injunction to "restrain from attacking Shiites." Bin Laden suggests a midway: attack them only if attacked by them.

On Somalia, Bin Laden's position is more than expected, it is almost predicted. That the Mahakem (Islamic Courts) wants to establish an Islamic Taliban like state, is a given. But Bin Laden goes ahead and warns anyone who would obstruct their path to power with punishment and the sword: Somalia's President and the Parliament; Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh for mediating the crisis and the US and other countries for "thinking" about intervening. Definitely Somalia is a future "home" for Jihadism, in the mind of Bin Laden.

Dr Walid Phares is a Senior Fellow with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a Visiting Fellow at the European Foundation for Democracy and the author of Future Jihad
July 1, 2006 06:29 PM
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