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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Naser Salah al-Din Brigades of the PRC Claims Collaboration Between Palestinian Authority Agents and Israeli Intelligence

By SITE Institute

The Naser Salah al-Din Brigades, the military corps of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) in Palestine, issued a statement yesterday, July 4, 2006, claiming that collaboration between intelligence agents from the Palestinian Authority and Israel led to the swift execution of Jewish student, Eliahu Asheri, and PA Police Chief Ala Husseini is directly responsible for action taken against three Mujahideen, suspected of the murder, who were captured by Israeli forces. The group states that orders for their arrest were handed down directly from PA President Abu Mazen AKA Mahmoud Abbas to Husseini.

In turn, the group demands that President Abbas investigate the head of general intelligence in Ramallah for supporting the “Zionists,” fire Ala Husseini who they state is “responsible for the lives of the Mujahideen,” and investigate the police chief in Ramallah. Further, the Naser Salah al-Din Brigades addresses Israel, informing them that military solution are fruitless and they must “bow down” beneath the feet of the Mujahideen, and to the agents of the Palestinian Authority, their necks will meet the Mujahideen swords.

On June 29, 2006, the Naser Salah al-Din Brigades of the PRC issued a statement announcing the murder of Eliahu Asheri, providing an image of his identification card. Asheri, a pre-military Torah academy student, was missing since Sunday, June 25, 2006, when hitchhiking to school in Samaria, and later executed. His body was found in Beitunia, near the West Bank capital Ramallah.
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