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Monday, July 24, 2006

Saudi Arabia modernizes its Military

Yesterday Crown Prince and Saudi Defense Minister Sultan Ben Abdel Aziz signed a military cooperation's agreement and a deal up to $3.8 billion with France. French military industry should provide Saudi Arabia with a hundred of helicopters (Eurocopter: Fennec, Super-Puma, Cougar and NH-90) and 2-3 Airbus tanker aircrafts (source: Reuters).

Also, France still tries to sell its jetfighter 'Rafale' and its state-of-the-art Tank 'Leclerc'. France never succeeded in selling a 'Rafale' abroad and still has high expectations with the Saudi market. On the hand, the US Department of Defense stated it approved a $6 billion sale of 24 UH-60L Black Hawk helicopters and many other equipments to Saudi Arabia. Such sales show Saudi Arabia would be stepping up its counterterrorist combat as it buys helicopters which are very useful within such operations.
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