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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

2007 Intelligence Summit Can Chart The Course

It is an honor to serve on the International Advisory Council of the Summit with men and women with such enormous experience and international credibility on intelligence and national security matters. I am a centrist of the Sam Nunn school of national defense, and was proud to have worked for the late Democratic Senator Lloyd Bentsen who worked closely with Senator Nunn in support of bipartisan national security policies.

What makes the Intelligence Summit so valuable is the great experience and long
term leadership of the organizers and the participants in the Summit, and the international background and stature, that brings together Democrats, Republicans and
national security leaders from America's most important allies.

As planning begins for the 2007 Summit, the event offers an extraordinary opportunity to make a defining contribution to our national and international discourse, at a time of great peril in the world, at a time when the American people look for leaders who can transcend our divisions and policies that can enhance our security.

The 2007 Summit will occur at a propitious moment. The 2006 elections will have been concluded; the 2008 campaign will be well underway; and the Summit will be perfectly placed to gather together great expertise from those representing leaders in both parties and probable candidates aspiring to be our next commander in chief.

Summit participants know more than anyone, that the world is a very dangerous place today, with complicated challenges, regional conflicts, terrorist threats and the need for the kind of national consensus that our people and people throughout the free world ardently seek from their leaders.

A blue chip, bipartisan national security and intelligence policy panel would enable those who aspire to the presidency or leadership in Congress, from both parties and all points of view, to set a standard for thoughtful and serious discussion with a nonpartisan and professional spirit. This would bring together leaders and experts to
consider national security policies without the partisanship and rancor that too often characterizes our debates, and equally important, would bring them together with one of the most informed groups of speakers and participants, from the United States and other democratic nations, that will be assembled in any public forum.

The 2007 Intelligence Summit offers a profound opportunity to elevate and shape our national discussion in ways that would be widely seen as making a signal contribution, influencing Administration and Congress policymaking through 2007, and lifting the substance and quality of the2008 Presidential campaign.

Those interested in the Summit making an extraordinary contribution through a special
panel including representatives of probable presidential candidates on a non-partisan
basis can contact Brent Budowsky at brentbbi@webtv.net or Dr. Robert Katz at katz@intelligencesummit.org.

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