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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Latest developments in the Middle East

Aug 6 (Reuters) - Here are developments on the 26th day of the Middle East crisis.

* Hizbollah kills 12 Israeli soldiers, wounds dozens in Israeli village of Kfar Giladi. It is its deadliest rocket strike yet.

* Israeli bombs kill at least 19 Lebanese civilians and a Lebanese soldier.

* More Hizbollah rockets hit the northern Israeli city of Haifa, killing at least three person and wounding 65.

* Two civilians die when Israeli air strike hits a pickup truck ahead of a U.N. aid convoy heading for the southern city of Tyre.

* Hizbollah says three more fighters killed, bringing its declared toll of deaths to 52. Lebanese security sources estimate about 90 Hizbollah deaths in the war.

* Beirut rattled by air raid in the Shi'ite-dominated southern suburbs. Bekaa Valley hit by several air raids, one near a Lebanese army base.

* Israeli air strike kills one Palestinian in Gaza Strip, bringing to at least 167 the number of Palestinians killed in campaign to recover captured soldier. More than than half are civilians.

* Lebanon's parliament speaker says his country rejects U.S.-France draft Security Council resolution because it would let Israeli forces remain on Lebanese soil. Israel views it favorably, a senior government official and Israeli media say.

* Draft resolution calls for a "full cessation of hostilities," tells Hizbollah to end attacks immediately and says Israel should stop "all offensive military operations."

* Israeli army says it had captured a Hizbollah fighter who took part in the abduction of two Israeli soldiers on July 12.

* Israel will keep waging war on Hizbollah and troops will stay in southern Lebanon until a foreign force arrives, Justice Minister Haim Ramon said.

* Lebanon to seek support for its position from Arab foreign ministers due to meet in Beirut Monday. Syrian foreign minister, arriving by land a day early, reiterates that Syria would respond if Israel attacks it.

* Rice cautions a U.N. resolution will not stop all the fighting in southern Lebanon but is a first step toward lasting cessation of violence. She says it is important to get a vote on the resolution in next day or two.

* The U.S. wants a second U.N. resolution establishing an international force for Lebanon in days, not weeks, National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley says.

* A Hizbollah cabinet minister says Hizbollah is willing to cease fire when Israel stops its assault on Lebanon and all Israeli soldiers leave Lebanese land.

* At least 759 people have been killed in Lebanon during the war, including 16 overnight and Sunday in the bombing of five southern villages. Hizbollah has killed 58 Israeli soldiers and 36 civilians.
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