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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Latest developments in the Middle East

Aug 10 ,(Reuters) - Here are developments on the 30th day of the Middle East crisis.

* Hizbollah guerrillas fight Israeli troops who seize key town in southeast Lebanon.

* U.S. Ambassador John Bolton says no agreement yet on resolution calling for end to fighting between Israel and Hizbollah but that he hopes for one on Friday.

* Israel says plans for deeper ground assault into south Lebanon on hold to give diplomacy a chance.

* Hizbollah fires nearly 70 rockets into Israel, killing woman and toddler in Israeli Arab village, medics say.

* Al Jazeera television says three Israeli soldiers killed in fighting in south Lebanon. Israel confirms one death.

* Israeli forces head toward southeastern town of Khiam under cover of heavy artillery shelling and air strikes, residents say.

* Fighting intensifies even though Israel says plans for expanded ground offensive put on hold to allow more time for U.S.-led diplomatic efforts.

* UN emergency relief coordinator says: "It's a disgrace really, because the parties to the conflict, the Hizbollah and the Israelis, could give us access in a heartbeat, and then we could help 120,000 people in southern Lebanon."

* Russia's ambassador to UN says he plans to quickly introduce draft UN Security Council resolution calling for 72-hour humanitarian truce in fighting between Israel and Hizbollah.

* Israel drops leaflets on Beirut warning it will widen offensive on southern suburbs and telling residents to leave.

* At least 1,011 Lebanese, mostly civilians, and 122 Israelis, mostly solders, have been killed.
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