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Monday, August 07, 2006

Security incidents in Iraq, Aug 7

BAGHDAD, Aug 7 (Reuters) - The following are security incidents in Iraq reported on Monday, Aug. 7, as of 1400 GMT.

Asterisk denotes a new or updated item.

*SAMARRA - At least nine people were killed and 10 wounded when a suicide bomber strapped with explosives blew himself up at a police station in Samarra, 100 km (62 miles) north of Baghdad, police said.

*BAGHDAD - A bomb and a car bomb exploded in quick succession near a commercial building on Palestine street, northeastern Baghdad, wounding four civilians and a policeman, Iraq's Defence Ministry said in a statement. The target of the bombing was unclear.

NEAR KHALIS - Four civilians were killed and seven critically wounded when their minibus was struck by a roadside bomb near Khalis, 80 km (60 miles) north of Baghdad, said First Lieutenant Munthir Sabah of Khalis police.

BALAD RUZ - At least six soldiers were killed and 15 wounded when gunmen opened fire at dawn on an Iraqi army checkpoint near the small town of Balad Ruz, 50 km (30 miles) southeast of Baquba, Police Lieutenant Colonel Amer Naseer said. One gunman was killed, he said.

KHAN BANI SAAD - A bomb targeting a police foot patrol exploded in a vegetable market in Khan Bani Saad near Baquba, 65 km (40 miles) north of Baghdad, killing a civilian and a policeman and wounding seven people, police said.

FALLUJA - Six civilians were killed and two wounded when a roadside bomb targeting a police patrol exploded in central Falluja, 50 km (32 miles) west of Baghdad, Falluja police commissioner Muath Ahmed said.

BAGHDAD - Two people were killed and 18 wounded when U.S. and Iraqi forces raided a suspected death squad in the mostly Shi'ite area of Sadr City in east Baghdad, a police source said. The U.S. military said they were targeting suspected members of a punishment and torture cell.


BAGHDAD - A U.S. military court heard graphic testimony on how U.S. soldiers took turns holding down and raping a 14-year -old Iraqi girl before murdering her and her family. The hearing into whether four U.S. soldiers should be court-martialled heard a special agent describe details of what took place in Mahmudiya based on an interview he conducted with Specialist James Barker, one of the accused.
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