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Monday, August 21, 2006

WMD Material Found in Hong Kong Flower Container

Materials found last week in Hong Kong that could be used in a nuclear or chemical weapons program were intended for shipment to Iran, the Ming Pao newspaper reported.

A report led authorities to a box sitting in a flower tub in the Kai Yip Housing Estate. Police found box held two packets containing a white powder and two bottles of a liquid. A shipping company delivery bill, attached to the box, indicated the material was supposed to have been sent to Iran eight months ago, Ming Pao reported.

Police have not identified the materials. However, a reporter saw “KHF2” written on both powder packets.

KHF2 is the chemical formula for potassium bifluoride, a corrosive that could be used as a nerve gas precursor agent. It could also be used as a component in the extraction of plutonium, Ming Pao reported (Ming Pao, Aug. 18).
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