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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Anti-terrorist steps only postpone attack - former intell. head

Prague (CN)- The security measures that have been introduced to avert the threat of a terrorist attack are most likely to only postpone it, Karel Randak, former head of civilian intelligence service (UZSI), told radio station Frekvence 1 today.

It would be better to protect quietly specific threatened targets, Randak said, adding that this would most probably help eliminate the attackers.

"There is the fundamental problem that such comprehensive measures will not bring about anything but a potential postponement of the attack," Randak said.

"If the measures were implemented quietly, focusing on a specific target, they would more probably eliminate the attack also in the future as the specific groups and the specific people would be eliminated in a way," Randak said, adding that heightened security measures could not last for long.

Prague Mayor Pavel Bem said today that the increased security measures in Prague would last at least one week.

The government declared the tightened security measures on Saturday night due to a serious threat of a terrorist attack. It was informed about the risk of an attack that concerns exclusively Prague by intelligence services.

Police and special security teams are patrolling dozens of sensitive sites in Prague, including its international airport and railway stations.
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