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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Open Source News

Collected articles of open sources news for Sept 23-28

September 28, 2006

Guardian Departs Vladivostok After Meaningful Visit
Court postpones K-159 submarine hearings until October 23
USS O’Kane Conducts Anti-submarine Warfare Exercise
Stennis Security Completes Force Protection Exercise
Russian air carrier to rejoin Navy by end of 2006
Russia observing safety requirements for Bushehr power plant: official
Afghanistan: Bush, Karzai Agree On Strategy Against Terror
India steps up security along Bhutanese border
Instruments enhance space weather forecasts
Iran's Larijani arrives in Berlin for talks with EU's Solana
Islamists Disarm Somali Warlord Fighters in Kismayo
ISRAEL: Sderot still under fire
Israeli Air Raid on Gaza Kills Palestinian Girl
Lebanon: UN force tends to humanitarian needs following Israeli-Hizbollah conflict
LTTE supremo agrees to resume talks with Sri Lankan Govt
Navy Customs Battalion Quebec Returns to Norfolk
Navy Provisional Detainee Battalion 1 Returns Home
AMC commander: Global mobility aircraft saving lives in Iraq
NEPMU 7 Ends Service After Half a Century
New RSS Facilities to Improve Seabee Skills
NIGERIA: Rehabilitation, harassment concerns mar Bakassi pullout
Osama is alive: Taliban
Rice Warns Sudan of 'Consequences' for Refusing Darfur Force
Rumsfeld Expresses Confidence NATO Will Provide Troops Needed in Afghanistan
Rumsfeld Voices U.S. Support for NATO Enlargement
Salvor Departs Fiji
Assam militants pull out of talks with Delhi
Terrorist Bomb Expert Captured in Afghanistan; 10 Taliban Rebels Killed
Thailand promises swift return to democracy during address to UN debate
UGANDA: Rebel moves threaten peace talks, says army
Ugandan Army Accuses Rebels of Deserting Camp, Violating Truce
UN Optimistic Sudan Will Allow Advisors
US Presses for Turkish, Iraqi Cooperation on PKK
Blix Urges Security Guarantees for Iran
Bosnian Serb Gets 27 Years for War Crimes
ETHIOPIA-ERITREA: Annan recommends extending UNMEE mandate
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 17 Disestablished
UN: GUAM Brings Frozen Conflicts To World Stage

September 27, 2006

Bushehr power plant to be inaugurated in Nov 2007: Russia
Bush Tells Karzai U.S. Committed to Afghanistan
Bush Says Forces in Afghanistan Changing Tactics to Fight Taleban
Tomcats Officially Retire
Russian, Iranian Officials Agree on Bushehr Nuclear Plant Launch Date
Iraq Deployment Adjustments Allow for 15 Brigades in Iraq Through March
Acting UN envoy to Ethiopia and Eritrea delivers Annan’s latest report to the Council
Congress Approves Sudan Sanctions
Department of Defense Meet in London on Anti-WMD Trafficking
Enterprise Strike Group Conducts Significant Strikes in Afghanistan
European Union Set to Expand
Infantry, armor NCOs train together
Iran, EU will not discuss uranium enrichment moratorium
Montenegrin PM: Country Ready to Participate in Anti-Terror Coalition
Nepal gov't-rebel talks to initiate arms management
New SEAL Training Facility Opens on Fort Story
Air Force launches Delta II/GPS mission
PACAF commander speaks of enhancing partnerships
Russia accuses Bulgaria over illegal Kalashnikov sales
Somali Islamists Impose Curfew on Newly-Seized Town
South Asia: Karzai, Musharraf Spar Ahead Of Bush Meeting
Suicide Bomber Kills 18 in Southern Afghanistan
Talks on Forming Palestinian Unity Government Hit a Snag
Thai Coup Leaders Draft New Constitution
Tomcat Ceremony Honors Aircraft, People Associated With Jet
Annan calls for extension of the UN mission in the DR Congo ahead of October’s poll
U.S. Soldiers Stop Baghdad Bomber; Iraqi Police Catch Two Killers
UGANDA: Most rebels have left northern Uganda for Sudan - army
US Offers One-on-One Talks if North Korea Commits to Nuclear Diplomacy
US Seeks to Heal Rift Between Key Anti-Terror Allies
Washington out of touch with anger of Arab world, Syrian minister tells UN
Armenia and Azerbaijan exchange accusations on Nagorno-Karabakh during UN debate
Assam militants accuse India of double standards on peace talks
At UN debate, DPR Korea accuses United States of encouraging nuclear tensions

September 26, 2006

Aqazadeh: Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant should be implemented in 6 months
Aqazadeh seeks Iran's partnership in Bushehr power plant
DoD News: DoD Announces Iraq Force Adjustments
Hammer ACE team ready for hurricanes, more
New unmanned aircraft delivered to armed forces
Thai Military Coup Leaders Set up Powerful Anti-Corruption Body
Iran: Israel Views Threats With Increasing Seriousness
Iran Says Nuclear Talks 'On Track'
SUDAN: President reiterates rejection of UN troops in Darfur
DRC: Presidential hopefuls agree to disarm for next election
SOMALIA: Lift arms embargo, prime minister says
LIBERIA: April trial date for Taylor
Indian Maoists could get arms from Nepal Maoists
Nepal says UN-led peace process can serve as an example to other countries
Somali Leader Wants UN to Lift Arms Embargo
Rejected Mediator Thabo Mbeki Arrives in Ivory Coast
SOMALIA: Protests after Islamic Courts take Kismayo
Sudan's Bashir Lashes Out Against UN
DoD Announces Tour Extension of Army Unit, Early Deployment of Another
CENTAF releases airpower summaries for Sept. 23-25
British Forces In Iraq Kill Al-Qaida Terrorist, US Extends Combat Tours
Navy Strike Group Contributing to Iraq, Afghanistan Security
Karzai Says Upsurge of Narcotics Feeding Terrorism
Karzai, Rumsfeld Discuss NATO, Progress in Afghanistan
COTE D IVOIRE: Call for departure of French peacekeepers

September 25, 2006

USS Momsen Returns Home Following Deployment
US Scholar: North Koreans Preparing to Boost Nuclear Weapons Capability
Bunker Hill Assumes ESG 5 Sea Combat Command
First Littoral Combat Ship Christened
New Navy Oceanography Center Established at Stennis Space Center
Navy Region Northwest Participates in Navywide Exercise
Rice Warns of Punitive Steps If Sudan Refuses UN Darfur Force
Bombing in Baghdad as Ramadan Observance Begins
Amnesty act for militants, troops comes into effect
Thailand Faces First Violence Since Military Coup
Leaders from France, Germany, Russia Meet Near Paris
Joint PRT opens new bridges
ESG 5 Visits Hawaii
Lebanese Troops Deploy on Israeli Border
India resumes military operations against NE separatist group
Russia, France, Germany favor diplomatic solution of Iran issue
Aircraft swap helps maintain mission-ready capabilities
Analysts: US Image Slipped in Lebanon After Israel-Hezbollah War
Abbas Says Efforts to Form Unity Government With Hamas Have Failed
Russia offers mediation for conflict resolution in Georgia

September 23, 2006

Russian parliament approves amnesty for militants, troops
People of Baghdad Seeing Results from U.S.-Iraqi Operation
Bush Says He Is Unaware of Any US Pressure on Pakistan after 9/11
South Asia: Musharraf Says U.S. 'Threatened To Bomb' Pakistan
Bush 'Taken Aback' By Pakistan Bombing Threat
Musharraf: US Threatened to Bomb Pakistan After September 11
Adherence To Geneva Conventions at Heart of US Detainee Compromise
Airmen fly with Indian air force counterparts
Defense Department Becoming Stronger, More Capable, Rumsfeld Says
Army Achieving Recruiting, Retention Goals Early
Joint Interagency Group Working to Stop Flow of Drugs Into U.S.
Army Materiel Command Stands Up Army Sustainment Command
US General Says 3,000 More Iraqi Troops Needed to Help Stabilize Baghdad
Army meets active-duty recruiting goal early
2nd BCT paratrooper is 750,000th Soldier to receive RFI equipment
Signal command manages global communications from Hawaii
USS Bunker Hill Deploys
Strike Fighter Squadron Gives Media Final F-14 Ride
Trenton Returns from Historic Final Deployment
CTF 12 Challenges Boxer ESG with Submarine Threat
Frank Cable Hosts First Multinational Sub Talks in Malaysia
USS Bonhomme Richard Completes Canadian Journey
Guardian Arrives in Vladivostok, Russia for Port Visit
CENTAF releases airpower summary for Sept. 22
USS Tucson Returns From Western Pacific
Warfare Commanders: Ensuring Strike Group Success
Georgia's accession to NATO affects Russian interests - ministry
U.S., Pakistan Partners in Hunt for Osama Bin Laden, Countries’ Leaders Say
Hamas Rejects Recognition of Israel as Condition for Unity Government
Lebanon: Israeli troops start withdrawing from two more areas
Hezbollah Leader Appears at 'Victory' Rally in Beirut
Georgian leader demands withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers at UN
Georgian President Blasts Russian Role in Abkhazia, South Ossetia
Security Council extends the mandate of the UN mission in Sudan
Afghanistan: EU Official Urges More Varied Strategy To Defeat Taliban
Sudan: government aircraft indiscriminately bomb Darfur villages
Sri Lanka: with supplies cut ‘serious problem’ looms in Jaffna, UN warns
COTE D IVOIRE: Mediators to discuss country's uncertain future
Departing UN envoy warns Timor-Leste of the danger of ‘black hole’ of conflict
Security Council holds closed meeting on Kosovo status talks
Thai Generals Tighten Grip on Power
Hungarian PM Defends Comments Amid More Protests
French, German, Russian Leaders to Discuss Iran Nuclear Issues
Iran: Early Race For Clerical Assembly Gets Bitter
U.S., Colombian governments work together to detect, deter illegal air trafficking
President Bush and President Musharraf of Pakistan Participate in Press Availability
Musharraf: Pakistan Committed to Fighting Terrorism
US has sharp eye on Waziristan deal: general

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