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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pak orders new fast attack Naval craft from turkey

London, Sept 07: Pakistan has ordered two advanced fast attack Naval craft from turkey, a leading defence weekly claimed yesterday.

The MRTP 33 vessels are considered the most recent patrol craft, the latest in a series that includes the MRTP 15 operated by Pakistan's special service group, according to Jane's Defence weekly.

It has a length of 35.6 m and carries a crew of 20, with a combined diesel and gas high-speed propulsion system. The diesels allow a patrol speed of 28 kt, while the gas turbine can produce a maximum speed of some 60 kt. With it Pakistan's vessels will also be more heavily armed.

"The craft is able to carry larger equipment and payload such as a combined 30 mm gun, two 12.7 mm machine guns, short-range surface-to-surface stabilized missile launcher, medium-range surface-to-surface fibre-guided missiles, electro-optical fire-control systems and decoys," the weekly said quoting a Pakistan Navy statement.

The Navy said the acquisition should provide better control of littoral and coastal waters.

Its role would include patrol; escort, fast attack missions; maritime interdiction operations at high seas; anti-terrorist protection of coastal and offshore installations, insertion and extraction of special forces; surveillance; special operations support with naval commando delivery vehicle and search and rescue.

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