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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Security developments in Iraq, Sept 9

Sept 9 (Reuters) - Following are security and other developments in Iraq reported on Saturday, as of 1330 GMT:

Asterisk denotes new or updated item.

*MAHMUDIYA - Sixteen bodies -- shot, bound and blindfolded -- were found in different areas of Mahmudiya, south of Baghdad. Police said they were unable to identify them because they were not carrying identity cards.

BAGHDAD - The bodies of 14 people, all of them with gunshot wounds and hands tied, were found in different areas of Baghdad on Friday, police said.

BAGHDAD - A suicide car bomb attack killed one policeman and wounded 10 civilians after police at Baghdad's Adhamiya police station fired at the approaching car and forced it to detonate early, an Interior Ministry source said.

BAGHDAD - A car bomb targeting police patrols in northern Baghdad killed one policeman and wounded six people, including four policemen, Interior Ministry sources said.

KIRKUK - A roadside bomb killed two policemen and seriously wounded 12 people, including civilians, as they travelled on a highway just south of Kirkuk, police said.

BAGHDAD - Gunmen killed Abdul-Kareem al-Rubaie, an employee at the state-funded al-Sabah newspaper, and wounded his driver in a drive-by shooting in Baghdad, police said.

MOSUL - A 10-year-old boy was killed and his mother wounded on Friday after gunmen entered the home of an Iraqi soldier in the northern border town of Sinjar, near Syria, a hospital source said.

BAGHDAD - Police Brigadier Muthhir Kamil was kidnapped in northern Baghdad's Shaab district on Friday, an Interior Ministry source said.

BAGHDAD - A car bomb killed a civilian and wounded four when it detonated near a U.S. army patrol in eastern Baghdad's Zayouna district, police said. The blast also burned out a Humvee. The U.S. military said three soldiers were wounded in the attack.

BAIJI - Four bombs targeting U.S. forces in the town of Baiji, 180 km (112 miles) north of Baghdad, killed three civilians and wounded three others on Friday, police said. There was no information on U.S. casualties.

BALAD - Three mortar rounds seriously wounded three women and a child in the Shi'ite town of Balad on Friday, north of Baghdad, police said.

BAGHDAD - A bomb hit a police patrol in eastern Baghdad, wounding two policemen, police sources said.

SAMARRA - Clashes between insurgents and police wounded three civilians in Samarra, north of Baghdad, on Friday, police said.

BAGHDAD - Several mortars landed in Baghdad's Doura district on Friday, wounding seven people, police said.

BAGHDAD - A roadside bomb wounded three people in northern Baghdad, police said.

BAGHDAD - A roadside bomb wounded two Iraqi soldiers in Baghdad as their vehicle passed by, police said.

BAGHDAD - A bomb detonated at a major road intersection in Bab al-Sharji in central Baghdad, wounding two people, police said.


*BAGHDAD - Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will make his first official visit to Iran on Monday to discuss political and security issues, a government spokesman said.
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