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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Iran to train Mahdi Army

Giddy from Hezbollah’s military “victory” in Lebanon, Iran would like to train and arm the Mahdi Army, the Shi’ite militia led by Moktada al Sadr in Iraq, in similar fashion to Hezbollah.

That has now become a leading task of Iran’s ambassador in Baghdad, Hassan Kazemi Qomi. Aged 52, he was born in Qom. After studying law in Tehran he fought throughout the entire Iran-Iraq war, serving on the southern front as a Revolutionary Guard (Pasdarans) officer. Between 1988-1990 Qomi acted as deputy chief of the Pasdarans unit that saw to the training of Iraqi opposition movements that had taken refuge in Iran. He subsequently joined the foreign ministry, working until 2000 in its department that handles relations with the Gulf countries. He was then appointed to the embassy in Turkey and later to Kuwait in 2002. In March, 2004, he was sent to Baghdad as charge d’affaires and presented his credentials as ambassador in May.

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