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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Open Source News

Open source news articles for October 16-17:

October 17, 2006

General Says Afghan Development Must Come This Winter
North Korea Condemns UN Security Council Sanctions
Raytheon Fires Surface-Launched AMRAAM to Test New Command Destruct/Self Destruct Capability
A-10 upgrade effort transforms Warthog capabilities
Bush Says Military Commissions Act Will Bring Justice
Dozens Killed in Iraq Violence
Iraqis Capture Murder Cell Leader, Coalition Troops Find Weapons
Team makes breakthrough in hypersonic research
AFRL awards $6.4 million contract to HNC Software
DoD News: Wilkie Named Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs
Conference Moves Montenegro Toward NATO, EU Membership
Abkhazia to hold military exercise October 23-26
Georgia's NATO accession still an open question - official
Northrop Grumman Demonstrates Expanded Capabilities of System that Delivers Video Imagery to Military Forces in Urban Combat
Northrop Grumman Team Completes Critical Design Review for Common Link Integration Processing System
Sri Lanka Jets Strike at Rebels
African Leaders Seek Ivory Coast Peace Solution
Diplomats Urging Somali Factions to Attend Peace Talks
Israeli Troops Kill 5 Palestinians in West Bank
UGANDA: Rebels want review of ceasefire, alleging new attacks
ERITREA-ETHIOPIA: 'Troops harvesting buffer zone'
White House Warns North Korea Against Another Nuclear Test
South Korea Says North May Be Preparing Another Nuclear Test
US Envoy Says North Korea Must Pay For 'Reckless' Behavior
U.S. Troops Help Iraqi Forces Quell Sectarian Violence
N. Korea may conduct second nuclear test-Russian chief of staff
Russia received no info on N. Korea nuclear test - PM
UN Food Agency Fears Sanctions Will Exacerbate Hunger in North Korea
China Beginning to Distance Itself from Ally North Korea
EU Backs Limited Sanctions on Iran
U.K. Troops Leave Afghan District In Deal With Elders
US President Signs Law on Detainee Questioning
President Signs 2007 Defense Authorization Act
Coalition Forces Defeat Complex Attack in Ramadi

October 16, 2006

AMC declares C-130J operational
DoD Resumes Mandatory Anthrax Vaccinations
DoD News Briefing with Assistant Secretary Winkenwerder
Statement by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on the North Korea Nuclear Test
Rice Seeks to Rally Asian Powers Behind North Korea Resolution
US Confirms North Korean Nuclear Detonation
North Korea: Possible Impact Of UN Sanctions
China To Inspect North Korean Ships For Illegal Weapons
Talks With North Korea 'Will Not End Sanctions'
Russia, S. Korea leaders urge stabilization around N. Korea
Top US Diplomats to Meet with Japanese, South Korean Officials on North Korea
DoD News: DoD to Resume Anthrax Vaccinations
Kidnap Victim, Weapons Discovered; Terrorists Detained
Simple AFSO 21 effort to reap big savings for Hanscom
DoD Releases Report on Infectious Deployment Diseases
Stennis Strike Group Approaches Surge Readiness
Essex Make a Pit Stop in Okinawa
Gonzalez Wins CIWS Award
USS Doyle Celebrates Columbus Day with Boston
Exercise Eagle Response Concludes with Land-Based Training in Egypt
MOMAU 12 Stands Up
USS Doyle Celebrates Columbus Day with Boston
Russia asks U.S. to clarify its missile defense plans in Europe
Car Bomb in Iraq Kills 10 South of Baghdad
Northrop Grumman Announces Intent to Bid as Prime Contractor for the Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System
Raytheon Sensor Offers Air Force Early Missile Warning Alternative
Boeing Completes Successful AMF JTRS Preliminary Design Review
Northrop Grumman Gets Contract to Develop Electronic Warfare Software

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