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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Open Source News

Open source news articles:

Taliban Tactics May Have Led to Civilian Deaths
Bomb Blast Kills 29 in Baghdad's Sadr City
Battle in Afghanistan Leaves 55 Insurgents, NATO Soldier Dead
US Official Says Further North Korea Nuclear Tests Probable
Pakistani forces bomb madrassa: spokesman
Pakistan: Air Strikes Target Pro-Taliban Madrasah Near Afghan Border
Pakistani Army Says Raid at Terrorist Training Facility Kills 80 Militants
Joint Forces Experiment Points to Way of the Future
Army Opens Modernization Test Center at White Sands Missile Range
Harpers Ferry Conducts Maritime Interdiction Training with Philippine Navy
NBG Incorporates Beach Operations Into Field Exercises
Harpers Ferry Sailors Provide Goodwill in the Southern Philippines
HSC-25’s Det 6 Capabilities a Plus for Fall Patrol
China Wants Southeast Asian Nations to Strengthen Defense Cooperation
Iraqi Army Captures Bomb Makers; New Security Station Opens in Ramadi
Crisis Talks Continue in Bangladesh
Iran Says Not Concerned By U.S. Gulf Maneuvers
U.S. Forces Reportedly Kill 17 Insurgents In Iraq
Iran says 2nd centrifuge cascade launch complies with NPT treaty
Iran says no reason to suspend uranium enrichment
70 Insurgents Said Killed In Afghan Battle
NATO Troops Kill 70 Insurgents in Afghanistan
Taliban say `no' to peace talks with Karzai
Tribal jirga calls Osama and Mulla Omar "heroes"
Egypt Moves 5,000 Police to Gaza Border as Israel Protests Arms Smuggling
Sudan Denies Carrying Out Air Attacks in Chad
Rains, Violence Disrupt DRC Polls
Boeing to Begin Ground Testing of X-48B Blended Wing Body Concept
US Military Says 24 Iraqi Police, 18 Insurgents Killed in Fierce Clashes in...
Northrop Grumman Posts Major Airborne Laser Program Achievements

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