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Friday, October 13, 2006

White Paper on China's Space Activities Published

China Government
October 13th, 2006, 04:33

The State Council Information Office on Thursday published a white paper entitled China's Space Activities in 2006.

The document is composed of five chapters -- Aims and Principles of Development; Progress Made in the Past Five Years; Development Targets and Major Tasks for the Next Five Years; Development Policies and Measures; International Exchanges and Cooperation.

Half a century has passed since China embarked on the splendid road to developing its own space industry. For 50 years, China has trail-blazed in this field. Its achievements have been eye-catching, and the nation now ranks among the world's most advanced countries in some crucial fields of space technology.

China has always followed the road of peaceful development, and maintained that outer space should be explored for the common wealth of mankind. While supporting all international efforts that utilize outer space for peaceful purposes, China continues to explore and use the cosmos to make new contributions to the development of humanity's space programs.

China's space industry has made great progress since the Chinese government issued the China's Space Activities white paper in 2000. This is the second white paper that the Chinese government has issued since 2000 concerning China's space activities. The full text of the white paper follows:

China's Space Activities in 2006

I. Aims and Principles of Development
II. Progress Made in the Past Five Years
III. Development Targets and Major Tasks for the Next Five Years
IV. Development Policies and Measures
V. International Exchanges and Cooperation

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