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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pakistan’s nukes can survive attack, says Musharraf

KARACHI: Pakistan’s nuclear programme has become so strong and secure that it can survive a nuclear attack, President Gen Pervez Musharraf said on Sunday, at an event to mark Quaid-e-Azam Mushammad Ali Jinnah’s 130th birth anniversary.

“Pakistan is a nuclear power. Its nuclear [programme] is fully tested and secured. I assure you, nothing will happen to it even in the event of a nuclear attack,” said the president at the event at the Quaid’s mausoleum.

Gen Musharraf said the prowess, capability and resources currently at the army’s disposal were unprecedented in the history of Pakistan. Today, he said, the entire nation and army were needed to deal with the internal threats posed by the Taliban, Al Qaeda and insurgents in Balochistan. “Nobody will be allowed to the challenge the writ of the state,” he said.

He said the forces that had opposed Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s progressive ideas and later the Pakistan Movement were trying to block his agenda of enlightened moderation. “Those obscurantist could not succeed in their nefarious designs then and shall again be defeated.”

Gen Musharraf also read out extracts from speeches made by Quaid-e-Azam, to highlight the founder of the nation’s views on women’s and minorities’ rights and the importance of education.

The prime minister, Sindh governor and chief minister also spoke at the event.

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