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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Security developments in Iraq, Jan 9

Jan 9 (Reuters) - Following are security developments in Iraq as of 1350 GMT on Tuesday:

* BAGHDAD - Fifty militants were killed in central Baghdad in clashes between gunmen and U.S. and Iraqi forces on Tuesday, Defence Ministry spokesman Major General Ibrahim Shakir said.

* MOSUL - Gunmen kidnapped Abdul Ghafour al-Jouburi, head of the customs department in northern Iraq, police said.

* MAHMUDIYA - Three mortar rounds landed on a house in Mahmudiya, 30 km (20 miles) south of Baghdad, killing one person and wounding three from the same family, police said.

* NEAR KIRKUK - Iraqi army attacked two gunmen as they were trying to pass their checkpoint near Kirkuk, 250 km (155 miles) north of Baghdad.

BAGHDAD - U.S. and Iraqi forces clashed with gunmen in central Baghdad, coming under fire from mortars and rocket- propelled grenades during raids near Haifa street, the U.S. military said, adding three insurgents were arrested. Iraqi defence officials said 11 were arrested, including 7 Syrians.

NEAR BALAD RUZ - U.S. and Iraqi forces conducted a ground and air assault operation near Balad Ruz, north of Baghdad, and killed several insurgents, the U.S. military said. Several large weapon caches were also discovered.

YUSUFIYA - Iraqi troops arrested Ibrahim al-Jouburi, known as the Prince of al Qaeda in Yusufiya, and Abdullah al-Zoubai, leader of the 20th Revolutionary Brigades insurgent group in Yusufiya, 15 km (9 miles) south of Baghdad on Monday, the Defence Ministry said.

BAGHDAD - The Iraqi army released eight people who had been kidnapped by insurgents in Omar street in central Baghdad, the Defence Ministry said.
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