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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Libyan Islamist group vows to fight regime

DUBAI (AFP) - A Libyan Islamist group vowed to fight the regime of the country's leader Moamer Kadhafi in a message posted on a web site typically used by Al-Qaeda-linked militants.

"The regime of Kadhafi, the apostate, pretends that Jamaa al-Islamiya al-Muqatila (the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) is on the path to reconciliation... and that the group will give up its armed jihad (holy war)," the message said.

"This apostate regime has a habit of lying... we are going to pursue jihad against the regime which has monopolised power for more than 37 years."

The LIFG was formed in the 1990s in
Afghanistan by Libyan militants who were fighting Soviet influence and officially announced its presence in 1995. Its aim is to install an Islamic state in Libya and overthrow Kadhafi.

The group is considered a "terrorist" group by the United States. Several dozen of its members are behind bars.
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