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Friday, February 09, 2007


Riyadh, 9 Feb. (AKI) - After more than a year's absence, the jihadi propaganda monthly "Voice of Jihad" (Sawt-al-Jihad), edited by the Saudi cell of the al-Qaeda terrorist network, has reappeared on the Internet. The new issue - the 30th - opens with an editorial threatening the Saudi regime and welcoming the birth of "an Islamic emirate" in Iraq by local al-Qaeda cells. "Voice of Jihad" was launched in 2003 covering mainly ideological and doctrinal issues concerning the mujahadeen in the Arabian Peninsula.

"As for us, we have begun a new year and we ask Allah that it be a year of victory," reads the editorial. “For some time now we have been preparing important operations which will make the crusader (i.e. American) bases on the Arab peninsula tremble and the aim of the mujahadeen will be to cleanse the peninsula of the pagans and the crusader bases" - a reference to US military posts in the region.

The editorial concludes with a message to the leader of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden. “We say to our emir, Sheikh Osama bin Laden, that we will continue on his path. Your soldiers are working, planning and preparing something which will make him and all true believers very happy. We pray to Allah that all will go well until the arrival of zero hour," it added.

The magazine also carries a claim of responsibility for an attack by Islamist terrorists against a Saudi oil refinery at Baqiq, on 24 February 2006.

It concludes with an interview with a doctor of Moroccan origin living in France, who in the 1990s decided to fight alongside the Bosnian mujahadeen, and a corner dedicated to readers, who are invited to write to the jihadi publication on the site http://contactus.arabform.com
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