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Friday, December 30, 2005

Iranian clerics urge unity in desperate times of Ahmadinejad's government

Dec 30, 2005: New calls for support and unity of Iran's government have blared across the country in what has been seen as a growing domestic disapproval of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's new government.

During Friday prayers, cleric's urged for unity and patience for the government by all of Iran's citizen's. International policies and erratic diplomatic rhetoric has left Iran on the verge of UN sanctions and on a collision course with the US and EU over it's nuclear enrichment agenda and it's anti-semitic remarks that has outraged even it's own traditional allies.

During prayers in Teheran, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati stated:

"We should avoid jumping to conclusions in our judgments on the government's performance, since the new administration, which is a new experience, needs more time to do its duties."

Many secular voters in Iran have been left in a state of despair and worrisome over the future of Iran after elections in the country were seen as dictated by its unelected religious council who had pushed for Ahmadinejad to become president.

Addressing the US leaders, Jannati said, "You have oppressed, tortured and imprisoned anyone who was a little against you." The ayatollah added, "Islam will never accept and tolerate your cruelty and force, will never be silent and will support the oppressed people".

In a clear statement addressing US pressure on Iran in the region, Iran has pushed for a shia dominated Iraq in hopes of creating a buffer-zone between Iran's borders and US military personnel in the region. Besides Iraq, Iran has recently pushed Syria and Hizbollah to step up pressure in the region in hopes of diverting attention of the US to its western front rather than Iran's interference in Iraq's insurgency and election fraud accusations.
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