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Monday, June 26, 2006

How will Russia react to the murder of its diplomats in Iraq?

By Olivier Guitta

If confirmed, the murder of the four Russian diplomats taken hostage on June 3- three by beheading and the last one by shooting- by members of an Al Qaeda affiliate, may have important implications.

In fact, last week Russia had officially asked for the help of Palestinian terror group Hamas in this matter. The President of the Duma's Foreign Affairs Committee sent a letter to Hamas' political leader Khaled Mashal. Obviously this has not worked out.

Even though Russia has excellent relations with terror sponsor states in the region such as Syria and Iran, the Chechen isuue is still very much alive in the minds of Islamic terror groups who wish to help their Muslim brothers.

It will be interesting to see how Russia reacts to these murders. Indeed Russia has been known for dealing with sometimes excessive force to terrorists. And not only with Chechen rebels.

For example, in September 1985 when four Russian diplomats were kidnapped in Beirut by Hezbollah, the then USSR responded in kind by first abducting a family member of an Hezbollah leader and then killing him very very gruesomely. The hostages were given back right away and Russia was never targeted in Lebanon again.
Will Russia do the same today?
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