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Monday, June 12, 2006

A Plea To President Bush : Beware The Enemy Within

Dear President Bush

I seek justice and equity for my family from Tony Blair's British Government, for a grave breach of my Human Rights by a member of her Majesty's Government, British Muslim MP Mohammed Sarwar.

This politically motivated attack in 1997 at the Glasgow Govan Parliamentary Election in Scotland, UK
falsely implicated me in election fraud and corruption, and was sanctioned by the upper echelons
of Tony Blairs's New Labour Government.

The personal fall out from this political conspiracy orchestrated by Muslim MP Mohammed Sarwar,
almost led me to being wrongly charged and imprisoned for fraud, caused me to have to give up my job in the
security industry on medical grounds, and resulted in immense grief and distress for my family which continues unabated to this present day.

To this day I have never even received an apology or one penny of Briitsh Government compensation for the malicious
actions of one his Government's members for their insidious and criminal actions against me.

Our exceptional and explosive case has been lodged with your US Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security since 2001, and raises pertinent National Security issues, which are known to both the CIA and FBI.
We require a US Federal Grant to facilitate our family to America on Resettlement grounds.

In the light of the " Special Relationship " which still exists between America and Great Britain, I call on President Bush
to grant our family sanctuary in the USA, on the special grounds that exist in this political and religious " dynamite" of a case, which is obviously a huge embarrassment to Tony Blair and his Government.

Mr Blair was elected on the electoral pledge of ending sleaze and corruption in Government, and within days of his own
election victory with New Labour in 1997, he failed miserably at the very first test of his pledge, by allowing the sleaze embroiled multi millionaire Muslim MP remain in his Government, despite the serious and criminal allegations levelled against him of fraud and bribery !

I put pen to paper, to highlight this pervesion of natural justice, and to expose the clear and present danger, that wealthy
and influential Islamic politicians now have on the decision making of Tony Blair's Government, a telling and salutory lesson
that must be understood and digested by President Bush and his Administration, and the very American people themselves, in view on the ongoing War on Islamic Terrorism.

" In God We Trust " has always been my deep religious belief, and as my family and I are reduced to the lowest ebb of poverty, and are facing eviction and bankruptcy, because of the " Enemy Within ", we appeal in the name of the Great Architect of the Universe for President Bush to intervene personally in our desperate case.

Yours Fraternally
Peter Paton +
Contact Author at peter.paton@gmail.com

Link to stated case http://www.alba.org.uk/govan/govanby8.html

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