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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Crisis incidents for 7/20

Regional crisis incidents for 7/20


5.51 PM - LEBANON - IDF - Two wanted Palestinians, one of then a Tanzim operative, were arrested this morning in Bethlehem. The Two were taken for questioning by security forces.

5.50 PM - LEBANON - IDF - IDF aircraft struck a number of Palestinians armed with anti-tank missile launchers and rifles in central Gaza a short while ago. Since this morning IDF forces operating in central Gaza have targeted more than ten armed Palestinians.

5.49 PM - LEBANON - IDF - Palestinians fired an anti-tank missile at IDF forces operating against terror infrastructure in the central Gaza Strip a short while ago. No injuries or damage was reported.

5.45 PM - ISRAEL - The Israel Military has undergone various losses in today's combat.

5.43 PM - UN - UN Secretary General Kofi Annan asked for the hostilies to cease between Israel and Hezbollah. This may have no effect on the current situation as tension is rising.

4.45 PM - LEBANON - Israeli Ground Forces are said to have entered Lebanon. Tension is rising as Damascus threatens to defend its interests in the country and its "lebanese brothers".

4.36 PM - AFGHANISTAN - NATO wants GWOT in Afghanistan to better draw the world support.

4.32 PM - SYRIA - Syrian Vice-President told the international community must stop the military machine of Israel.

4.31 PM - ISRAEL - Intelligence sources told ISRIA that Israel seriously is envisaging a full-scale invasion of Lebanon. "It's time to get rid of Hezbollah's terrorists" an israeli source told.

4.12 PM - LEBANON - Israeli units meet fierce resistance for Hezbollah today in Lebanon.

3.48 PM - IRAN - Iran said on Thursday the special panels studying package of the European Union (EU) for national nuclear program will work out a reply by August 22.

3.25 PM - IRAN - A new anti-israeli rally would be taking place in Tehran. Sources say Iranians "support Lebanon" and condemn Israeli military offensive against a sovereign country. Several iranian officials are said to attend.

3.24 PM - IRAQ - 12 killed by a bombed-car at Hojjaj between Tikrit and Baiji.

3.11 PM - IRAN - The Islamic Republic of Iran has issued an important statement on its nuclear case. No details for now.

3.02 PM - ISRAEL - Israel Defense Minister told reporters that a terrestrial offensive isn't ruled out as there's any terrorist organization in Lebanon.

3.00 PM - LEBANON - According to the BBC, Evacuation of foreign nationals from Tyre in southern Lebanon begins.

2.43 PM - QATAR - Doha's authorities called for peace in the Mideast. Qatari government believes the Hezbollah is ready for a long war and that Israeli military operations may endanger the whole region for a long time.

2.32 PM - ISRAEL - Israel said its relations with Spain would surely be deteriorated by Spanish PM Jose Luis Zapatero who accused Israel of using an "abusive force" in Lebanon.

2.25 PM - LEBANON - Egyptian Foreign Minister Abul Gheit asked for an immediate cease-fire in Lebanon and for the international community to take its responsibilities.

2.20 PM - LEBANON - Saudi Defense Minister Sultan Ben Abdel Aziz asked for Israel to stop its military offensive. "Israel plays with the life of citizens, civilians, women and children" he said.

1.47 PM - LEBANON - European deputies support the creation and envoy of a multinational stabilization force in Lebanon that would include european military units.

1.13 PM - LEBANON - 2 Hezbollah Activists have been killed by Israeli soldiers in Northern Avivim.

1.11 PM - ISRAEL - Israel Defense Forces - Two wanted Palestinians, one of then a Tanzim operative, were arrested this morning in Bethlehem. The Two were taken for questioning by security forces.

1.02 PM - ISRAEL - Israel Defense Forces - Two Qassam rockets landed in the city of Sderot this morning causing damage. No injuries were caused.

12.45 AM - ISRAEL - Israel Defense Forces - During the night IDF forces arrested 11 wanted Palestinians in the West Bank

2.52 PM - INDONESIA - A 42nd case of Bird Flu confirmed.

5.42 PM - SOMALIA - More than a hundred trucks and armored cars belonging to the Ethiopian army have crossed into neighboring Somalia. Ethiopian troops would have been spotted in the city of Baidoa which would be the next target of Islamic Militia. Yet Ethiopian government hasn't recognized this military move yet.

2.28 PM - ETHIOPIA - Ethiopian troops would have penetrated into Somalia. Islamists fear an ethiopian operation which purpose is to support the somali transitional federal government.

5.31 PM - BULGARIA - Three sources of Bird Flu have been spotted in the southern part of the country near its boundaries with Turkey.
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