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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mideast Crisis shows Iran's rising Power

Iran, Palestinian Hamas, Lebanese Hizbullah, Al Qaeda... etc all these countries or groups despite their numerous differences have the destruction of Israel for purpose. Multiplying fronts is the best way to undermine western military capacities and that's what the current crisis in Lebanon illustrates. Analysts consider this crisis sounds like a big, a very big warning for Israel saying that if the war isn't today, it may occur someday, when Israel military superiority would be seriously questioned.

Now that Hizbullah triggered the crisis, Iran is allegedly trying to stop the escalation arguing that it's no time for war with Israel. And "not now" doesn't mean "never". For analysts, this crisis has given Iran the possibility to assess the Israeli responsiveness in the event of a direct attack against its interests. Here this initially has been the kidnapping of two israeli soldiers by Hizbullah. They haven't been released yet. The other aspect is the various and direct attacks of the israeli soil by Hizbullah's rockets.

According to iSriA, Iran has led a successful strategy for years. Its islamic regime hasn't been questioned. It got rid of the Taliban and of Saddam Hussein due to the efforts of its biggest foe: the United States. Its nuclear program could lead to possible sanctions that, even voted by the UN Security Council, wouldn't lead to serious consequences. However its clandestine nuclear program for military purposes continues and doesn't suffer from any foreign interference. At last, it can lead a worlwide agressive "diplomacy" and put the pressure on the West through Hizbullah's terrorist cells. What this crisis can show is the power of disturbance that Iran already is and how powerful this country can be, even without a nuclear weapon.

The West has been far too much tolerant towards a country that's succeeding in its strategy to question the Western influence in the Middle East. Also it shows that the situation for Israel is very serious if not tragic. By its direct support to Hizbullah's current operations, Iran shows it doesn't fear Israel anymore. And if it doesn't commit to a different military confrontation with Tel Aviv, all this sounds like Mullahs saying: "We're not scared and the day when we are strong enough to question Israel's existence is closer than one can think".
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