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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Italian SISMI Spy Chief to be fired

One more example of how political interference with intelligence can be harmful. Nicolo Pollari, the director of the Italy's SISMI (Military Intelligence) could be fired after he failed to give evidence he never got involved with the CIA kidnapping of the Egyptian imam Abu Omar in Milan on February 17, 2003.

The Independent, a british newspaper told two top operatives at SISMI, "Marco Mancini, the head of the agency's counter-espionage department, and Gustavo Pignero, Mr Mancini's predecessor at counter-espionage, had implicated their boss". Although he told judges he and his service never had anything to do with this CIA operation, the judicial system as the new leftist government of Romano Prodi wants to get rid of these successful intelligence officials. Given there should be no evidence against Gen. Pollari, "he will probably be eased out of the Sismi job with an appointment to another prestigious security job" one can read.

Once again, the interference of politicians whose experience as regards intelligence is most often close to "zero" turn intelligence operations into ridicule, put prominent experts on the sidelines and fragilize the whole intelligence community and its ongoing operations for futile political purpose while it desperatly needs unity and support from the West to defeat terror.

"Most european politicians believe that clandestine operations don't comply with democratic values. Yet, without it, the West is going to die. This gap between the reality of intelligence and such an unrealistic policy will lead to tragic events. And once again, one will accuse the intelligence community of incompetence. And nobody will ever tell politicians made everything wrong. People have to realize how serious is the threat to see such unexperienced people killing the whole intelligence effort since 9/11. Sure, there has to be a parliamentary control or something like this. However in no case the Politicians should expose intelligence the way they currently do" an intelligence source told ISRIA.
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