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Friday, July 28, 2006

Latest developments in the Middle East

July 28 (Reuters) - Here are developments in the Middle East on the 17th day of Israel's bombardment of Lebanon.

* Israel keeps up bombardment of Lebanon, killing 13, as aircraft pound south, including hill villages near Tyre

* The U.N. peacekeeping mission in southern Lebanon withdraws unarmed observers from two observations posts

* Rice says will return to Middle East when "time is right". Delays departure from Malaysia until Saturday. State Department says "outrageous" remark by Israeli justice minister that Rome conference gave Israel green light to continue bombing Lebanon.

* Blair to push for speedy U.N. resolution in meeting with Bush and Chirac wants France to push for U.N. resolution on immediate ceasefire.

* Aid agencies say they finding it impossible to get food and medicines safely into southern Lebanon. An Israeli shell crashes near aid convoy in south Lebanon, wounding at least three people.

* Dozens of Hizbollah rockets hit towns in northern Israel , wounding at least six people.

* Death toll since July 12 at least 458 people, mostly civilians, in Lebanon and 51 Israelis, including 18 civilians, according to Reuters tally.

* Israeli military says 200 Hizbollah fighters killed, Hizbollah has said 31 of its fighters killed.

* Israeli aircraft attack homes owned by Palestinian militants and metal workshop in Gaza Strip, wounding seven, medics say.
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