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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pro-Terrorist Website Publishes Interview with Swedish Terror Suspect

The following articles is posted as is from a pro-terrorist website.

Exclusive Interview With Abi Al-Qadir: Mujahid Sweden

When we think of Sweden we do not usually think of Mujahideen but that is before we met Abi Al-Qadir, the 19 year old who was recently charged with "terrorism" crimes.

When we think of Sweden we do not usually think of Mujahideen but in almost every country in the world, Muslim youth are organizing against what is commonly seen as injustice and oppression of the Muslims.

One such young man is Abi Al-Qadir, a 19 year old Swede, who feels a strong commitment to the Ummah and who intended to carry out military training activities in Sweden before he was arrested on terrorism related charges by the “thought police”.

JUS recently interviewed Abi in an effort to understand the details of his case and his motivation for carrying the banner of Jihad. Here is our exclusive interview.

JUS: Asaalamaleikum Brother Abi, thank you for agreeing to do this interview.

ABI: Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Er-Raheem! Alhamdullellah wa salatu wa salamu Allah rasoul'illah Mohammad wa Allah'aleehi wa sahbiee wa sallam. Aleikum assalam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu Sister!

JUS: Brother. when we think of Sweden, we don't usually think about Mujahideen. How is it that you came to walk this path?

ABI: Sweden is a so-called safe paradise. If you are really careful, you can carry out virtually any kind of activity in Sweden. One of the brothers knew members from the local Mujahideen units in Iraq and they helped us to establish a group in Sweden named Tanzim Qaeda't Al-Jihad Fee Al-Soed.

JUS: I understand that you were carrying out training exercises in Sweden. In your first video release you made it very clear that Sweden was not a target. What was the purpose of your training?

ABI: Well we really never started our training exercises as we were arrested. We had in mind to go into the deep woods of north Sweden and train in the snow, and then maybe later go to Chechnya, Afghanistan, or Iraq. I personally think Chechnya would be my choice of jihad because the woods and the weather is almost the same here as in Chechnya. But other things happened instead!

JUS: Earlier this year, you were arrested on so-called terrorism-related charges. Can you detail the circumstances surrounding your arrest?

ABI: On January 3, 2006 I was walking down the street to one of my friend’s home. When I walked over a main road, suddenly a civilian mini-bus stopped and from it rushed out seven National Swedish Swat units, and they told me to lie down on the ground. They handcuffed me and took me away faster than I could think! Everything was going so, so, so fast! In fact, I did not even realize that I was arrested. When I was in the police car with two of them guarding me, I was thinking "whoow, this is new experience".

Some hours later they took me all the way up to Stockholm from my home town of Trelleborg, which is pretty far away! And then they told me that I had been arrested for terrorist crimes. What they charged was that I and the others were planning/willing to destroy/kill with improvised explosives and start a horrible fear and panic on Swedish soil! They even told me that I was also suspected to be the explosives expert in this group and that there was no point to deny any of this information because they found explosives at my home! Of course I was denying it all!!!

JUS: I understand that you were also incarcerated at that time. How long were you held and how were you treated?

ABI: I was in so called "wait-for-trial-jail" for about two and a half months and to be honest with you, Alhamdulilah, the personnel that worked in this jail, the so-called "Kronobergs Häktet" were very nice and kind to me. They usually asked me how I felt and if I needed anything almost every day. But the Swedish Security Police, the "SÄPO" were another story. They never tortured me in any physical way, never laid a finger on me, but they tortured my brain and my mind with a lot of questions that hit me mentally very hard. For example, they would say "You know that you are a terrorist and that you wanted to kill innocent people in this "Livet's Ord" Church! And they would play mind games like "You will never get out of here and will be in prison for a very, very long time". And every time I denied the charges they told me that I was pretty much screwed and in a lot of trouble. They even threatened me with FBI, saying that they had to conceal my identity so the US government could not take me away, but if I was not honest with them they could not do anything about it and they would have to hand me over to the US. On this point I was thinking of Guantanamo Bay and I was very worried!

But Alhamdulilah, I found Allah (SWT) in that little cell and Allah helped me through this whole situation with strength that I have never felt before! I tell you honestly Sister that I have never in my whole life experienced Allah this close to me. When I was feeling very bad and missed my family at home at one point, I prayed and prayed and prayed! And suddenly I felt a powerful energy and strength from nowhere. I was feeling like I won 10 milion dollars or something; it was unexplainable but true! Alhamdulillah! Allahu Akbar!

JUS: Now that you have had your day in court, I understand that you have been charged and found guilty on charges relating to explosives. Can you provide details of what you have been charged with? Is it a legitimate charge?

ABI: In court, there were three brothers. They tried to make it look like we were an organized group with a lot of experience and contacts. One of the brothers from mujahedon.net forum nicknamed “Pow_Mia” was in the eyes of the Swedish authorities, the so-called leader of this organization. In my case, they said I was the explosives expert/engineer for this group. And the third brother from Mujaheedin.net was Hekmatyar, and they claimed he was the media guy who sent out the communiqué’s and other media materials. It is of course all rubbish.

JUS: You have been sentenced to 8 months in prison. Are you planning to appeal?

ABI: My lawyer and I have been talking about appealing the charges. At first I felt there was not any point to appeal an eight month sentence because Allah helped me through this time and I was lucky to get that small amount of jail time but since the other brothers will appeal, my lawyer advised me that it’s best if I do also. Furthermore, I will have a criminal record on the terrorism database that will record "explosives at home" and this is not the best if I want to travel outside Sweden... So yes, I will appeal!

JUS: Brother, is there anything you would like to say to the many young brothers that will be reading this? Are you as motivated today as you were before?

ABI: Brothers! They can never stop us from going to Jihad! This is our Islamic religion! Jihad is the 6th pillar in Islam and can not be stopped by any government! But you must bear a few things in mind always. NEVER talk on chat programs such as MSN or in email about jihad operations or joining the Mujahideen. This can get you arrested! It's totally insane that governments can arrest you for some principles in your religion! But that’s how we as Muslims are treated today! And it’s all thanks to George W Bush's greatest lies! But he can never stop us anyway!

Be careful brothers and only talk about jihad and Mujahideen in private! Trust me, I did not know this. They have special computers with word filters to trace all Mujahideen and Jihad talk! This I now know!

JUS: Shukran my young brother. May Allah reward you for suffering, Ameen. Please know that you are in our prayers and we wish you the best in your up-and-coming appeal. Please keep us posted on your case. Shukran and assalam aleikum.

ABI: Shukran Sister! And may Allah grant you and the dear Brothers and Sisters at JUS and all the Muslims and the Mujahideen success, Ameen. Aleikum assalam wa rahmatuAllahi wa barakatu.
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