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Friday, August 11, 2006

Latest developments in the Middle East

Aug 11 (Reuters) - Here are developments on the 31st day of the Middle East crisis.

* The United States and France are close to agreement on a U.N. resolution aimed at halting the bloodshed in Lebanon and Israel but objections from combatants could force another delay.

* Israeli air strikes kill 12 people in north Lebanon, Lebanese hospital officials say. The bombing of a bridge near the border with Syria also wounds 18 people.

* An Israeli soldier was killed and one badly wounded in fighting with Hizbollah guerrillas, Al Arabiya television reported. The Israeli army had no immediate comment.

* Rockets fired by Hizbollah guerrillas wound at least seven people in northern Israel.

* Israel says plans for deeper ground assault into Lebanon are on hold to give diplomacy a chance.

* Humanitarian agencies seek ways to get aid to an estimated 100,000 people trapped in southern Lebanon and the mayor of Tyre says the port city could run out of food in two days.

* Polls show eroding public support for Olmert over war.

* Russia's U.N. ambassador introduces resolution calling for 72-hour humanitarian truce as stop-gap should the U.S.-French draft resolution be delayed further.

* War, which began after Hizbollah seized two Israeli soldiers in cross-border raid on July 12, has killed at least 1,024 people in Lebanon and displaced almost a million. In Israel, 123 have been killed.
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