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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bomb wounds Lebanese intelligence officer

A SENIOR Lebanese intelligence officer was seriously wounded and two companions were killed by a bomb that exploded in their car near the southern city of Sidon on 5 September, Reuters reported.

Colonel Samir Shehadeh works for the interior ministry's intelligence branch.
Country AffectedLebanon
Region AffectedEastern Mediterranean
Date of Event05-Sep-2006
Terrorist/Insurgent Group Name
Terrorist/Insurgent Group Type
Terrorist/Insurgent Group Region of Origin
Terrorist/Insurgent Group Country of Origin
1 Location of Event - RegionEastern Mediterranean

Location of Event - Country


Location of Event - District

Location of Event - Place Name


Location of Event - Quality

Event Type

Damaging attack

Inside Assistance

Counter Terrorist Tactic

Scale of Attack


Number of Attacks

Terrorist/Insurgent Attack Mode

Explosive Device

Explosive Device Size


Suicide Attack


Type and Subtype of Target

People|Individual authority figure

Target Ownership Country


Target Ownership Sector

Non Terrorist/Insurgent Fatalities2
Terrorist/Insurgent Fatalities0
Total Fatalities2
Non Terrorist/Insurgent Wounded1
Terrorist/Insurgent Wounded0
Total Wounded1
Description of Injuries
Number of Hostages0
Damage Scale
Damage Description

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