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Friday, September 08, 2006


Cairo, 8 Sept. (AKI) - Egyptian security forces have boosted security throughout the Sinai peninsula, Arab daily Al Sharq Al Awsat reported on Friday, citing police sources. The alert level was reportedly raised after three suspected Palestinian militants entered the country with fake documents to allegedly prepare terrorist attacks against Israeli tourists in the Sinai. The three men - Ramzi Akram Abu Kholaa, Iyad Awad Abu Beid and Nidal Diab Amuri - were allegedly members of an al Qaeda terror cell recently dismantled in the Gaza Strip.

Police sources told the papers that security operations to prevent terror attacks include road blocks on all the main roads of the Sinai to check on as many vehicles as possible.

Egyptian tour operators have reported a significant drop in the number of Israelis vacationing in the Sinai after Tel Aviv raised the alarm.

The area has been targeted by a number of deadly terror attacks. A reported 125 people died in attacks in the seaside resorts on the Red Sea of Taba and Sharm el Sheikh, in 2004 and 2005, and in Dahab on 25 April this year.

Authorities blamed the round of attacks on a local militant group, the 'Tawhid wal Jihad' (unity and holy war), which claims to have connections with al Qaeda. Three militants have been sentenced to life for their involvement in the 2004 attacks.
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