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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pentagon Quiet on Iran War Plans (Tirannt)

The U.S. Defense Department has played down recent reports that it is actively developing plans to go to war with Iran, Army Times reported yesterday.

TIME this week reported that the Pentagon was preparing contingencies plans for fighting Iran if tensions over Tehran’ nuclear program escalate.

Military officials refused to comment about specific operational planning, but have in the past said they develop contingency plans for many situations, in case nonpeaceful strategies fail, according to Army Times.

“We’re going to approach the concerns that we and the international community have with Iran diplomatically,” Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said yesterday (see related GSN stories, today).

One lawmaker cautioned that, if accurate, the TIME report raises concerns.

“This is Iraq all over again,” said Representative Rush Holt (D-N.J.). “The administration is hyping a threat despite the fact that it knows our intelligence on Iran is poor, contradictory or both” (see GSN, Sept. 14; Gordon Lubold, Army Times, Sept. 19).
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