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Saturday, September 09, 2006

U.N. Releases Counterterrorism Strategy

After a year of work, the U.N. General Assembly yesterday released its new counterterrorism strategy, the Associated Press reported (see GSN, Oct. 19, 2005).

The document in large part calls on members to meet earlier commitments, such as implementing previous General Assembly and Security Council resolutions.

It recommends development of a “biological incidents” database by the United Nations and its member countries, in order to fight the threat of bioterrorism. The plan calls for an increase in border controls to prevent smuggling of nuclear bombs or other weapons, and to keep terrorists from crossing state lines.

Efforts against terrorism on the Internet and forging of travel documents are also urged.

Nations would pledge to increase exchanges of antiterrorism information and to “make every effort” to produce a convention on international terrorism. The exact definition of terrorism remains disputed at the United Nations.

U.N. nations are expected to approve the resolution today, AP reported.

“By taking decisive action we will be sending a clear signal to the world that we are shouldering our responsibility to act together to fight the scourge of terrorism,” said U.N. General Assembly President Jan Eliasson.

The General Assembly after two years would study the effectiveness of actions undertaken under the resolution, AP reported (Nick Wadhams, Associated Press/ABC News, Sept. 8).
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