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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

GSPC all over the place

By Olivier Guitta

For a group supposedly extinct that's what the government in Algiers wants us to believe after the blatant failure of their amnesty, GSPC is doing quite well unfortunately.

As my colleague Evan Kohlmann reported GSPC is behind the latest attack against Brown & Root - Condor employees. But this is just one of the many attacks perpetrated on an almost daily basis by GSPC, an average of about 30 to 50 people are killed each months because of terror acts. This latest attack is meaningful because it's the first one in a long time which has specifically targeted foreigners.

Also French secret service have advised the organizers of the famous and prestigious auto race Paris Dakar to cancel some of the stages in Mauritania and Mali because of the threats posed by the GSPC. For the time being organizers have not budged.

GSPC has been more and more recruiting experienced elements from other countries, including Nigerians, Mauritanians and Malians. At the same time GSPC has been launching a large recruiting operation in Algeria targeting young unemployed men. These recruits are convinced by propaganda spread out on CDs extolling the Jihad in Iraq.

Last but not least, European authorities are very worried by the fact that some GSPC operatives are sneaking into Europe through the illegal immigration of the new "boat-people". In fact, just a few days ago,a know GSPC operative was found dead in one of these illegal embarkations. Since most top GSPC leaders are known to French and Spanish authorities, it is much easier for them to sneak in with illegals and get inside Europe undetected.

Scary thought indeed.
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