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Friday, December 30, 2005

Palestinian HR Monitoring Group: 51% of Palestinian fatalities from Palestinian fire

Special News Report:
Brother Against Brother

On Thursday, PA policemen Abed al-Rahem Saleh (20 years old) was shot and killed while trying to restore peace to a Gaza neighborhood.
Armed gunmen opened fire on the police station where he was working, in an attempt to force the release of clan members from the prison. The ensuing gunfight resulted in the death of al-Rahem Saleh and one of the gunmen. The clash gave credence to reports that the PA has lost control over Gaza.

To accompany this tragedy, a new investigative report by the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group has revealed an alarming trend: over half of Palestinian fatalities in 2005 have been a result of gunshot wounds received from other Palestinians. The number of Palestinian deaths by Palestinian gunfire is the highest this year than in any year previously recorded. In Gaza alone, 37% of gunfire fatalities for the year 2005 have occurred since the pullout in September.

As a result of these events, the PHRMG calls on the Palestinian Authority to restore the rule of law to the Palestinian Territories. The PA's irresponsiveness to the civil unrest in Gaza and the West Bank is deplorable. It is vital that the PA take action to stop the exchange of illegal weapons in the Palestinian Territories: the PA must not continue passively promoting the arming of clans and military factions.

The percent of Palestinian fatalities caused by Palestinian
gunfire rose from 5% last year to a staggering 51% this year. This data reveals that Palestinians are more often killed by fellow Palestinians than by IDF soldiers or other Israelis. The PHRMG appeals to Palestinians across the Territories to stop the war against fellow Palestinians and help restore civil order.
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