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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Statement from al-Basha’er (The Good Tidings) in Saudi Arabia Regarding Who They Are, Their Purpose, and Relationship to al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia

By SITE Institute

Al-Basha’er (The Good Tidings) issued a statement yesterday, June 26, 2006, following its message concerning the six Mujahideen who were killed in a shoot-out in Riyadh on Friday, June 23, with Saudi security forces. The message explicates who they are, what they want, and what is there relationship with al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia. According to their words, al-Basha’er is an information organization in Saudi Arabia which “takes care of” Mujahideen affairs, especially those returning from Iraq, and those wanted fugitives who “escaped with their faith” from Saudi Arabia. Their stated objective is victory for the Mujahideen and to cleanse Saudi Arabia of the “infidels,” establishing the Islamic Caliphate in their stead.

As to its relationship with al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, the group avers that there is none between them, though they ask Allah to get the honor of joining them under the “principle of fighting the Crusaders and those who support them”.
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