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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pro-terrorist website claims new Shiite group in Iraq

The following article is posted as is from a pro-terrorist website.

New Shia Group Debuts

Thursday, 06 July 2006

A new Iraqi Resistance organization has made its appearance known with warnings to the US occupation that they would be doing battle with US forces now that the American intention to sow sectarian strife, rob Iraq’s resources, and kill Iraqis had become clear.

The Jordanian daily al-‘Arab al-Yawm reported on Tuesday, 4 July that the al-‘Abbas Brigade, a Shia Resistance organization operating in southern Iraq declared itself for the first time in a video broadcast Sunday on a local Iraqi TV network “Baghdad.” In the video the al-‘Abbas Brigades pledged to fight the US and British occupation forces and other forces allied with them, pledging to direct their attacks solely at foreign forces.

In its announcement the al-‘Abbas Brigade announced: “We have patiently persevered enough and given the political process sufficient chance, but the country has begun to slip down a dangerous path with the hated occupation still present, so it has become incumbent upon us to enter the Iraqi arena as Resistance fighters in order to save our country before it is lost.”

Al-‘Arab al-Yawm noted that the al-Jazeera satellite TV station reported a week ago that a land mine that destroyed a US Humvee bore the name of the Al-Abbas Brigade.

Meanwhile leaflets have been circulating in the southern Iraqi cities of Karbala’, an-Najaf, ad-Diwaniyah, as-Samawah, and al-Basrah all bearing the name of the al-‘Abbas Brigade and all threatening the foreign armies in Iraq with more painful strikes. The leaflets state that “the Americans invaded Iraq and have been plundering our wealth, they interfere in everything, spreading sectarian strife between the Sunnah and Shia, Arabs and Kurds.” The leaflet went on to say that the al-‘Abbas Brigades were serving notice that it was undertaking its armed Resistance activity to rid Iraq of the foreign occupation and to preserve national unity.”

Al-‘Arab al-Yawm noted that the southern regions of Iraq had been increasingly tense for the last four months as new armed Resistance organizations began to launch operations against the US and British occupation forces in the south.

Four US Troops Reported Killed By High-Explosive Bomb Blast

Meanwhile, in a dispatch posted at 8:50pm Makkah time Wednesday night, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a high-yield bomb exploded by a US military patrol in al-Mahmudiyah, about 30km south of Baghdad on Wednesday evening. The bomb went off by a US vehicle that was a part of a patrol of seven armored vehicles that was driving along the highway that runs past al-Mahmudiyah. A source in the Iraqi puppet police said that the blast destroyed a Humvee and killed four American soldiers who were aboard it. The correspondent quoted Lieutenant Muhammad al-‘Adli of the al-Mahmudiyah puppet police as saying that the blast left a hole three-meters in circumference in the asphalt road. At the time of reporting, US forces had cordoned off the entire area.

Resistance Bomb Blasts US Column North Of Al-Yusufiyah.

A bomb exploded by a US military column on a farm road north of al-Yusufiyah, about 30km southwest of Baghdad according to reports form Mafkarat al-Islam. Eyewitnesses in the al-Qaraghul area north of the city said that a bomb that had been planted by the side of the road blew up and completely destroyed the Humvee, killing or wounding the five American soldiers who were aboard it. After the blast, US forces surrounded the area and prevented anyone from approaching.

Car Bomber Blasts Puppet Police Station In Mosul

In a dispatch posted at 2:25pm Makkah time Wednesday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a fida’i fighter drove a car bomb into a puppet police station in northern Mosul, killing eight and wounding other puppet personnel. Three civilians were also wounded in the attack. Eyewitnesses in the al-Masarif section of the city said that a Resistance fighter drove an explosives-laden car through the security barriers to the observation center belonging to the puppet police in the neighborhood. The witnesses said that the Mujahud blew up the car at the gates to the center, destroying large parts of the facility and killing four puppet policemen and wounding four more.

US Troops Storm Into Ramadi Hospital

US troops accompanied by their Iraqi puppet army allies stormed into the hospital in Ramadi, about 110km west of Baghdad, on the pretext that Resistance fighters were using the medical facility to launch mortar and sharpshooter attacks on American occupation forces according to a report from Mafkarat al-Islam,

The media reported that so-called Colonel Sean MacFarland said that the hospital in northern Ramadi was a “center for activities by fighters.” US Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Neary of the 3rd Brigade of the 8th Marine Regiment said in a statement: “since we arrived in Ramadi four months ago fighters have used the Saddam Hospital complex to launch attacks with mortars . . . in addition to opening fire on us from upper floors of the hospital,” according to a Reuters report. Neary added that the aim of the American takeover of the hospital was also to allow the US-recruited puppet police to take up their former positions in the facility.

American forces have for some time been surrounding and besieging Ramadi where they have also commandeered numerous mosques and other buildings for use as American military facilities and camps.

Resistance Bombards Two US Military Headquarters In Ramadi

In a dispatch posted at 9:40am Makkah time Wednesday morning, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Resistance forces fired mortar barrages into two US occupation headquarters in Ramadi on Tuesday evening. Eyewitnesses said that the Resistance fired eight 82mm mortar rounds into the US-occupied al-Warrar base west of Ramadi, scoring direct hits on the facility and sending plumes of smoke rising into the sky. Resistance forces also fired four 82mm mortar rounds into the American camp in the agricultural area east of Ramadi. Thick clouds of smoke billowed up after that attack however the number of casualties is unknown.
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