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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Chechnya makes territorial claim against Dagestan

Chechen parliament speaker Dukvakha Abdurakhmanov made a territorial claim against Dagestan Republic.

APA reports quoting Russian media that Abdurakhmanov claimed that Avars and Lezgins have noting to do with Khasavyurt, Kizlyar and Novolaksk regions of Dagestan. “Our ancestors lived in the Caspian Sea coasts. We had access to the Caspian Sea and to the East through it. I wonder why we have been deprived of these opportunities artificially and by force. Why are these territories open for Dagestan nations but close for us? As Russians never gave up the Baltic Sea, Chechens will not give up the Caspian Sea too,” said the parliament speaker.

Dagestani President’s Office told the APA’s bureau that President Muku Aliyev has issued a statement regarding Abdurakhmanov’s statement. The head of state said Abdurakhmanov’s statements are groundless. Stating that neither Jovhar Dudayev nor Aslan Mashadov, former Chechen leaders made such claims, Muku Aliyev reminded Chechen gunmen’s attacks to Dagestan attempting to establish a religious authority by consolidating some regions to Chechnya in 1999.

Dagestani leader said a politician should refrain from making statements that are not based on historic documents and facts.

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