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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Open Source News

Open source news articles for Oct. 11:

October 11, 2006

Communication Critical to Maintain Recruiting Momentum
Iraqi Soldiers Capture Terrorists in Two Baghdad Operations
Recruiting Numbers Jump in Fiscal 2006
South Korea-based 35th ADA poised for danger
Soldiers protect peace on North, South Korea border
Soldiers in South Korea ready for war 365 days a year
Stennis Successfully Surges Flight Operations During COMPTUEX
Eightballers CO Rolls into Rare Air Pocket
Boeing Prepares First Australia C-17 for Maiden Flight
Raytheon Awarded U.S. Army Contract with an Initial Value of $163.2 Million for Wireless Precision Assault Missiles
SIERRA LEONE: Seeking permanent base for regional peacekeeping
KENYA-SOMALIA: Refugee camps expanded as more Somalis arrive
US Military: Fire at Ammunition Depot Causes Explosions in Baghdad
LTTE agrees to talks with Sri Lankan government
Nepal gov't hopes to reach understanding with rebels
Palestinians Fail to Resolve Factional Differences, but Talks Continue
Georgian forces block road to S. Ossetia
DPR Korea: Security Council members discuss what action to take over nuclear test
Experts Still Working on North Korean Nuclear Claim
China Joins Call for 'Punitive Actions' Against North Korea
Russia, Germany Call for Unified Response to North Korea
Information message about underground nuclear explosion made by the Northern Korea on October 9, 2006
Senior South Korean Official Apologizes for North's Nuclear Test
Car Bomb Blast in Baghdad Kills 10
Japan may impose more sanctions against N. Korea-PM Abe
Japan Mulling Harsh Sanctions Against North Korea in Response to Claimed Nuclear Test
China Rules Out Military Action, But Not Sanctions, Against North Korea
UN: U.S. Seeks Sanctions Against North Korea
North Korea Says Test Ensures 'Peace And Security'
Australia Summons North Korean Ambassador After Claimed Nuclear Test, but Does Not Sever Ties
DPRK Successfully Conducts Underground Nuclear Test
Iran's Supreme Leader: Tehran Will Press Ahead With Nuclear Program
Afghanistan: NATO Commander Denies Pakistan Visit Aimed At Pressuring Musharraf
Musharraf Assures NATO in Fight Against Taleban
DoD News: DoD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for FY 2006
'Spirit of McChord' gives Canadians a lift
Deployed B-52 maintainers achieve perfect record

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